What colleagues say about me

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Patrick Winn: “I’ve worked closely with Lizzy since 2012. She is a superb journalist and editor. Lizzy has played a commanding role in shaping several of my investigative projects into award-winning packages. She has very strong instincts when it comes to translating rough concepts into stories that will pop online. Very ethical and sincerely cares about correspondents who take risks abroad in their reporting. …”

Will Carless: “I worked with Lizzy for three years, first at GlobalPost and then at PRI. She’s a rare combination of talented, smart and driven, with the added bonus that she’s communicative and willing to make tough decisions when needed. As an editor, she’s clear and relentlessly stringent, which is exactly what every good journalist needs. She helped grow GlobalPost into a recognized leader in foreign correspondence. …”

Stephen Snyder: “… I recommend Lizzy Tomei unconditionally. She’s an excellent editor, a dedicated journalist, and a generous colleague.”

Jeb Sharp: “… [Lizzy] is known for her organizational skills, sharp editing, and good humor. As a fellow manager I always appreciated her willingness to speak her mind and stick up for fairness and transparency. She was invaluable in helping to draft new security protocols for our reporters in 2017.”

Sarah Birnbaum: “Lizzy is one of the most talented and dedicated editors I have ever worked with. …”

Patrick Cox: “Lizzy is a great editor and organizer. … She is skillful, determined, and huge fun to work with– a rare combination. She’d be an asset to any newsroom.”