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According to the draft climate deal, we’ve still got options

Sometimes a day at work goes so wrong, it only lasts 14 minutes (permalink version of “Chatter,” a daily newsletter)


NB: GlobalPost work prior to 2016 was migrated to PRI.org, and in the process lost some formatting and embedded media.

China’s online shoppers just smashed the single-day world record for sales

Time for Turkey’s president to learn about sharing (permalink version of “Chatter,” a daily newsletter)

It’s 2015. Time for some new US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan


A snapshot of South Sudan after 9 months of civil war

Foley beheading video followed prior threat


Kim Jong Un doesn’t want war, wants call from Obama, Rodman says

Furloughs and sequestration: Who will suffer?


Why chemical weapons are so dangerous

Anti-US protests and the challenges of ’21st century statecraft’

Assange asylum legal redux: What are we really talking about, here?


City won’t move mental health clinic, raises privacy concerns

City budget shuffle moves geriatric center

Cuts to state HIV and AIDS programs will put thousands at risk


Cyanide in the Silver Lining: The Marlin Mine in Sipacapa, Guatemala


Students, patients feel effects of World Food Program cutbacks

Arrest Cambodian pedophiles, too: Ambassador

As Media Circus Descends, True Story Of ‘‘Jungle’’ Woman Still Untold


King for a day in Kep, Cambodia

Mothers claim NGO detained 3 daughters

Angelina Jolie’s Samlot Forest Conservation Effort Eyes Tourists

Truly old-school clips not available online